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About Us

News Release
July 1, 2016 : Showcase-Tv makes business alliance with Adatos Ltd


Past & Present

We are a Japanese publicly-traded company that was founded in February 1996 and headquartered in Tokyo,Japan. Our stock was listed in March 2015 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We aspire to create easy-to-read, easy-to-understand,easy-to-input user interfaces. In the pursuit to make websites much more convenient, we pay attention to looking at user-friendliness from the enduser’s perspective first.

We provide website optimization services in Japan as well as web solutions and mobile applications that can be managed from web-based back offices (i.e. via the cloud).
We have internally developed eight different cloud-based software. These are the core technologies of our business and are patented in Japan as well as in the United States,Singapore and Brunei.

Not only does each software focus on user-friendliness,but each also helps website owners improve their conversion rate via website optimization technology(i.e. web marketing and the data management platform(DMP)). The conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who take action that goes beyond a casual website visit. As an example to online businesses, a successful conversion would be the sale of a product to a consumer whose interest in the item was initially sparked by clicking a banner advertisement or would also be an end-user subscribing to an online newsletter.

We have a stable business model due to the monthly subscription fees from a strong client base for the use of these software. This is our main source of revenue. Across our various clients and industries, we have accumulated extensive expertise in raising the conversion rate on websites.


The future in the cloud-based software industry looks promising, as well as our future, as retail trade and mobile shopping is a rapidly growing industry.

We also aim to be the lead website optimization service company in Japan that automatically provides userfriendly features while maximizing the efficiency of existing websites and content.

To achieve this, we have created a specialized department called Showcase Lab and plan to invest in other technology companies.

We constantly work on developing and offering services that provide excellent value and performance in a bid to continue to grow together in the future with clients.

Refer to the forecast section for further details.



This segment has eight internally developed web-based software products which are supported by global patents. This segment is Showcase-Tv’s main business. See an explanation of the main software products on the following pages.


This segment provides advertising products business-2-business in connection with website optimization techniques and a data management platform (DMP). The financial data for this segment is consolidated into E-Marketing data.

Web Solutions

This segment provides research & development for smart phone applications. It helps solve problems with website and apps in an integrated manner using website optimization techniques.


Main Products

NaviCast Form Assist

A form input assistant that provides realtime display of error messages and automatic input conversions. It helps identify areas of concern that cause errors or abandonment in your forms so that the end-user can fix any errors immediately.

NaviCast Form Converter

A converter that automatically adapts any forms on existing websites that were primarily tailored to PC in order to make them easy-toread and easy-to-input on smart devices as well.

NaviCast Smartphone Converter

A converter that automatically adapts the layouts of existing websites that were primarily tailored to PC in order to make them easy-toread on smart devices as well.

NaviCast Smart Link

A search service software on a smartphone where users can easily query, narrow down and compare products they want to search on the site. This allows the user to compare items without having to research for items again and thus minimizes the number of steps needed on each page.

NaviCast Site Personalizer

A marketing tool that populates information found on browsed pages in order to display them in a more user-focused fashion. It uses an end-user’s behavior on its website for a more personalized one-to-one experience. On an e-commerce website for example, it can display custom messages based on the total price shown in the shopping cart. It can also introduce campaigns to end-users according to their specific shopping habits.

NaviCast Ad

An advertising service that not only collects data from user browsing, but also uses user data from ZUNOH (one of our other products). This service further improves the accuracy of targeted advertising while improving cost-effectiveness. With this service, the cost of advertising per conversion is estimated to be reduced by 25% compared to regular advertising.


A data platform that aims to maximize conversion rates for clients. This was built based on accumulated conversion and user’s behavior data from the various NaviCast software users and continues to be constantly updated with new data received. Its wide range of data collected directlycorrelates to conversion improvement.


We retain our website optimization technologies and unique expertise in the form of patents in Japan and overseas. These patents are aimed at protecting our original intellectual property.Patents obtained expire 20 years after application date.



Forecast (Fiscal Year 2016) (JPY)

Sales 1,500 million JPY
Operating Income 315 million JPY
Ordinary Income 315 million JPY
Net Income 186 million JPY
Dividend per share 5.5

Long Term Vision

Showcase-Tv’s long-term 10-year vision includes annual earning revenue of 100 billion JPY and ordinary income of 10 billion.


Growth Strategy

In the future, we will expand our data management platforms (DMP) services as well as develop other services/mechanisms that reach end-users more efficiently. The domain of smartphone-ready online services and online marketing, in Japan and Asia, is still in the course of development.

We will continue to further expand our cloud services based on our website optimization technologies in more regions/industries.

We expect our business to continually expand which will see increased sales in the E-Marketing, Data Marketing and Web Solutions departments.

In the year 2025, sales are projected to reach 100 billion JPY and ordinary income 10 billion JPY. We anticipate an increase in headcount particularly in the sales department to strengthen the sales of new services.

In January 2016, we created Showcase Lab, a specialized department to target our long-term goals.

This department carries out research and development activities focused on advancing technology and as such advancing our services to our clients. As more and more companies are offering online services and the uses of the internet continues to grow, the need for business services integrated with technology is rising rapidly. As many of our clients are banks or financial institutions, the need for new financial services through the integration of technology has become more critical for us to provide.

Our Showcase Lab department will work on developing these services and will also focus on the improvement of website convenience and website end-users’ conversion rate to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We also plan on investing in new business area such as Financial Technology or Internet of Things whether through partnership or acquisition.



Company Name Showcase-TV Inc.
Address 4F, Shoei Akasaka Building, 3-21-13 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan map
Contact Information Phone +81-(0)3-5575-5117 (switchboard number)
Fax +81-(0)3-5575-5118
Incorporated February 1, 1996
Fiscal Year End December 31
Subsidiary Akuru Inc.

Board of Directors

board of directors
Masahiro MORI
CEO Co-founder

Toyoshi NAGATA
COO Co-founder

Yoshitaka SASAKI

Board Member

Yoshikazu YABE
External Board Member

External Board Member


Kazunori ONO
Internal Auditor

External Auditor

External Auditor

Ernst & Young
External Audit Firm


This presentation is prepared by Showcase-Tv Inc (“the Company”) to provide background information to assist readers in obtaining a general understanding of the Company’s history, objectives and plans. This information is provided for information purposes only and is not intended and should not be construed as an inducement to purchase or sell stock in Showcase-Tv.

Information on the Company’s plans, estimates, forecasts, expectations, and all other information concerning the future are based on the Company’s judgment and ideas at the time of publishing. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results may be materially different from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Potential investors should make investment decisions based on their own judgment.